The Indian Crisis: A tale of abandonment by democratic leaders.

The second wave of the novel coronavirus is already wreaking havoc in India. Apart from causing heavy damage to the human capital of the country, it also reflects how the political system chose to be oblivious to prepare for the second wave with all the resources they had and were provided with. Despite gathering huge funds from the people under the pretense of developing and improving the medical infrastructure, the country is falling apart from the deadly virus. Meanwhile, our politicians are worried about holding mass religious gatherings and mass rallies to win an election.

We had one year to prepare for this. Scientific studies and public proof have indicated that the second wave of the virus is even more difficult to manage in comparison to the first wave. Instead of choosing to learn by example to avoid the massive damage to human lives, our leaders decided to channelize those resources for self-serving purposes. With no investment in building more beds, ventilators, oxygen cylinders and creating more hospitals and more importantly, educating and ensuring proper wear of masks; the people are left to fend for themselves. Still, our leaders are in denial about the severity of this deadly virus and are unwilling to impose a stringent lockdown to stop the rapid spread of the disease.

And at this point, I can’t even begin to fathom the suffering our healthcare workers are being subjected to. Families who are losing their loved ones due to an acute shortage of resources, the elderly who have contracted the virus and are all by themselves, people who are running from one hospital to another as they don’t have access to online resources. The nation is bleeding, and at this point, we as citizens have come together to save ourselves. Everyone is sharing these resources, amongst family members, with strangers to save each other. Humanity is winning, even if our leaders are completely lacking in it. As a democratic nation, the people have come together for the people, with an added motivation of disapproval of the government’s lack of support to anyone and everyone.

The gravity of the situation is so deep that only the ones who are at the forefront of this war are experiencing it. And that is where my plea comes in. Let us save ourselves and each other. Let us pledge to make it easier for the ones out there, trying day in and day out for the survival of the victims of this condition. And this time, it is not just the healthcare workers or the police. It is for all of us. Try and help one person every day. Times are very hard but if we fight this war against covid together, by helping patients, making arrangements for someone in need, offering mental health support to those who need it — virtually. The biggest and simplest help we can offer is by not heading out, following protocols, wearing our N95 masks covering the nose properly in times where it is necessary to step out. Let’s start by saving each other — you and me — WE can do this!



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